Jumping Jiminy

IMG_0449 (2).JPGThe weather has gone crazy. In January, we had seriously sub-zero temperatures – almost unheard of for our part of the world. The last week has been warm and sunny, with temperatures up into the low 20s during the middle of the day, and guess who came to visit? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him chirping away and he stayed for most of the afternoon – probably with one of those beady eyes on our fireplace, wondering whether he could get inside and claim his seat on the sofa.

This time of year is SO quiet in Kas. There are very few visitors and most of the residents have gone to ground, enjoying some peace and quiet, not to mention the joy of actually finding a parking space somewhere within shouting distance of where they want to go when they do venture out of the house. In the summer, our town is under siege from the Istanbullus (think Parisians, only much ruder and with bigger cars). We could really do with some London traffic wardens – now that is a scenario I would pay money to see.

In contrast to last winter, when we had incessant rain of UK-style proportions, this winter has so far been mainly sunny and dry, so we’ve been getting out and about for some fantastic walks. Robin has been testing out his new camera, so here are some shots from some of our favourite places:

Patara Beach – completely empty, just how I like it!
IMG_1270 (2)
Walking at Kyaneai with Akdag behind us – very cold knees!
Couldn’t resist sharing this one: the water meter reader having his lunch break


Who stole all the pies? Well, the olives at any rate… Goats at the amphitheatre in Kyaneai




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