Crusty cornmeal bread (vegan)

IMG_1628.jpgWe rarely eat bread from our local bakeries – I am sure Turkish bread is a novelty if you are a tourist, but it’s basically quite a lot of very sharp crust filled with quite a lot of air. Oh, and the only bits in the middle that aren’t actually air are horrible chemicals which act as yeast accelerators so that the bakers only have to give the dough one rise (very poor behaviour). Continue reading “Crusty cornmeal bread (vegan)”


Don’t try this at home…

nigels-nasty-loafWhen we started out on this vegan lark, I absolutely promised myself that this month would be all about producing delicious food from fresh vegetables, salads, pulses, good bread and anything I can make with any of those things. I swore I would not try to emulate non-vegan dishes or use weird and wonderful ingredients.

Well, reader, today I decided we would have a vegetable/seed loaf, so that we could try to emulate a roast dinner. And the result? So revolting that the thought of it makes me shudder even as I type. I’ve just had to eat a crispbread with a healthy coating of Marmite to make me forget the awful overly-sweet sludge to which I just subjected us. I blame Nigel Slater. Continue reading “Don’t try this at home…”

A duo of easy-bake biscuits for cheese

IMG_1455.jpgI’m making our friend Linda a little Christmas hamper, so that she has a few yummy goodies to tuck into if she is at home in front of the fire over the next week while we are away. She does like a piece of cheese, and decent crackers are not something you can generally buy in a Turkish supermarket, so I thought I’d better get creative. Continue reading “A duo of easy-bake biscuits for cheese”

A very lemony lemon meringue pie

IMG_1422.jpgOur friends have sold their apartment and the deal concludes this coming week, so they are having a farewell dinner for a few of us this evening. My task is to bring the pudding. I had planned to make Heidi’s Tongan coconut tart, which we came across on our recent holiday there (a kind of lovely gooey coconut custard in a crunchy case). Unfortunately, one of the other guests hates coconut, so I’ve had to have a re-think. I WILL do the coconut tart, but you will have to wait a bit longer for that one. Continue reading “A very lemony lemon meringue pie”

Meet the neighbours

Piggies3.jpgWe’ve recently had a new hospital built at the eastern end of our village, which serves the small towns of Kaş and Kalkan, along with the numerous villages attached to them.

We’ve always had wild boar roaming about after dark – from our high vantage point on the hill above the village, my brother finds it most entertaining  watching people coming back from the bus stop at dusk, little knowing that families of wild boar are hiding behind nearby parked cars, waiting for them to pass. We often hear them snuffling about in the lane next to our pool (luckily we have a high wall) and there is constant evidence of them rootling about anywhere there are Turkey oaks – and that’s pretty much everywhere around here. Continue reading “Meet the neighbours”

Gluten-free treats

IMG_1103 (Medium)After surviving the excitement of the attempted coup, it was a relief to head for England for a spot of R&R. Short-lived of course, as we’ve had such a procession of  engagements with friends and family that I’m tempted to ask Her Maj if she can lend me her social secretary.

Our friend Babs has been staying with us over the last few days, which has been an excuse for a few treats. She doesn’t have a happy relationship with wheat, so I snaffled some Doves Farm gluten-free flour when I saw it in the supermarket last week and set out to discover whether it really was interchangeable with ordinary flour  – so far, so good. Continue reading “Gluten-free treats”

Amazing nature

13386238945_3118d282ce_mTurkey may be one of the world’s less attractive nations in terms of political and social freedoms, but when it comes to pure geographic and natural beauty, it is breathtaking.

Every time I question why we live here (and, believe me, I did today after being fined 416 lira, plus half as much again in notary fees, and wasting two days of my time, for failing to invite the authorities to my wedding reception), an answer presents itself. Continue reading “Amazing nature”