Why is everyone looking at the marmalade recipe?

IMG_0434.JPGNo recipe today, I am simply curious, and I am confined to barracks because it is hoofing down with rain. I was just browsing the rather impressively organised stats that WordPress very kindly collates for us and I am intrigued to know why so many people are looking at the Nearly Roses Lime Marmalade recipe that I posted way back in January 2016.

Bizarrely, this is the most-viewed post on the whole site – it gets more than three times as many viewings as the new recipes that I post. It has been top choice for viewers every day for months. So far this year, it’s had more than 1,200 views and we are only in August. Back in 2016, it only received 26 views in the entire year. That’s a pretty exponential rise.

Is there suddenly a lime glut? Or has everyone decided Roses lime marmalade contains way too much sugar for our 2018 palates and is looking for a sharper, tastier, alternative?

And I have another question – the most popular time for people viewing aviewfrommykitchen is 3pm on a Monday. I can only assume that Monday-afternoon torpor has set in and you’re all thinking about the much more important question of what you’re going to have for your dinner on Friday night than whatever you are supposed to be doing at work.

Do share with us what you are all up to. You can post anything you like on the comments section at the bottom of any blog page – even if it is an ancient blog post, the comments still come straight to my inbox.

While we are on the subject of admin things, please do pass on the link to this blog to anyone who you think would enjoy the recipes, or who may be interested in Turkey or Cornwall.

And if you would like to follow the blog, or if you have a friend who you think would like to follow it, simply insert your (or their) email address when prompted, by clicking on the ‘follow’ tab, which floats around if you hover your pointer over the very bottom right hand corner of each page. If you send the ‘follow’ link to a friend, they will receive an email giving them the option to accept or decline your suggestion, so they won’t receive any further emails unless they want to.

I should also reiterate here that no email addresses or other info are passed on to WordPress users – we have no access to any of our readers’ vital statistics. And – I know some people wonder about this – I don’t write the blog for any other reason than that I enjoy it and it is a good way for me to collate my recipes and make them easily accessible when I’m travelling. I don’t receive payment of any sort and only ever recommend something if I genuinely think it will be of interest to readers.

If you choose to follow the blog, new posts will plop in to your email inbox and you can choose whether or not to go there. I think I shall be posting all new stuff to arrive in everyone’s inboxes at 2.45pm on a Monday, in the interests of my curiosity!

And final thing, if anyone would like me to experiment with a specific recipe for them, please get in touch, either via the ‘comments’ section or by email to: jayne@aviewfrommykitchen.com

Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you at 3pm on Monday.





7 thoughts on “Why is everyone looking at the marmalade recipe?

  1. I will be quite honest now! the reason I have been looking at the lime marmalade recipe is because I have none left so please hurry up and get back here to fire up a batch or two, in all the years I have lived here in Turkey I have never seen so many limes in the green grocers, now is this because G&T with lime is on the up or people like me waiting for their marmalade !


    1. Oh no, that is serious. Ask Hilary for access to the back fridge – help yourself to anything you want (but leave me some apricot jam or there will be no bakewell). Limes, oranges and grapefruits will be in full flow when we get back, so I can restock.


  2. I have sent a few people the link to your lime marmalade but I think you can safely cross off the Rossland contingent anyway: 3pm yours is some ungodly hour in the morning here.


    1. Haha, it’s only 10am your time if I’m in Cornwall, but 7am if it’s winter and I’m in Turkey – far too early to be up making marmalade or anything else.


  3. Another thing: I just googled Rose’s lime marmalade. The first six links are for sellers of the Merely Rose’s. Yours, the Nearly Rose’s, comes up 7th.


  4. My first attempt at Lime marmalade after stripping my dads tree yesterday (at his request). I love Roses Lime marmalade and googled it to see if there was a recipe. Found yours and now my kitchen smells amazing!


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