Piccalilli crisis

IMG_0737 (600 x 450).jpgIt’s true. We’ve scraped out the last jar of piccalilli. At the beginning of the winter, I made a Piccallilli mountain so vast that it probably qualified for some kind of EU subsidy. It is just the thing to perk up our cheese butties when we go out walking – I used to hate it, but  have gradually acquired a taste for it after years of making it for Robin. I still don’t like the bits of cauliflower, but I’m in charge of making the packed lunches, so I just sneak those into Robin’s sarnies. Continue reading “Piccalilli crisis”


Coming up roses

lime tree.jpgYou would definitely have to be British to spot the link between that heading and today’s recipe – so apologies to everyone else for the dreadful pun.

We have a glut of limes. This is not something you see often in this country. When we arrived in Turkey what seems like a hundred years ago, the only place I could buy a lime was at one particular stall in the fish market next to the Çiçek Pasajı in Istanbul (luckily, we lived around the corner, so were never more than 20 paces from the nearest lime). Continue reading “Coming up roses”