Vegan Recipes

January 2017

I thought I would keep these recipes separate, as they need only minor adjustments to make them suitable for people following a vegan diet. Many of the other recipes on this site can be easily tweaked, making them vegan-friendly. Over time, I will incorporate the tweaks in those that are suitable and add them to this page. When we decided to go vegan for January, I was determined that we would have delicious fresh food and that dinner would be just as much of an occasion as it is when we eat meat, fish, eggs or cheese. We don’t generally eat many puddings or cakes, but I will try to include a few treats, particularly as we have a few birthdays in January – that shouldn’t be a problem since apples, pears, pomegranates, quinces and oranges of all variety are in the markets right now, and there are even a few late plums on the shelf in our local greengrocer.

None of the vegan recipes on this site require any special ingredients or gadgets – they are all made from everyday vegetables, nuts, pulses, seeds and fruits. I do use almond, soy, rice or oat milk (here in Turkey, availability of such things is a bit of a lottery), and I occasionally grind up flax seeds to make a binder to replace the eggs in fritters or cakes. I also save the juice from tins of beans or chickpeas and freeze it in ice-cube trays to use in place of egg whites – a very useful item. But you won’t find nutritional yeast, 100-ways-with-tofu or ‘pretend meat’ made from mushrooms or soya – of course these things can be a useful source of nutrients for those who have adopted a permanent vegan lifestyle, but they are not for me.

Some of the recipes are my own, others have been collected from newspapers, magazines, websites and other media. Where the recipes are not my own, I try to include a link to the original.

Salted almond and cranberry granola
Super-nutty toasted granola

Appetisers and snacks
Avocado on toast with balsamic tomatoes (my favourite vegan snack)
Roasted red pepper hummus
Herby, spicy breadsticks
Lime & coriander hummus

Breads and crackers
Crusty cornmeal bread
Herby, spicy breadsticks
Hughie’s flatbreads
Oven-bottom bread
33p sourdough loaf
Turkish pide bread

Soups and stocks
Broccoli, cauliflower & Cornish Blue soup
Creamy cauliflower & leek soup
‘Creamy’ tomato and roasted red pepper soup
‘Dal’ and spinach soup
Fresh pea-pod soup
Hot and sour Thai noodle soup
Moroccan spiced carrot & lentil soup
Pea, courgette & mint soup
Really good vegetable stock
Roasted sweet potato & butternut squash soup
Slow-roasted tomato and red pepper soup
Smoky Puy lentil & bean soup
Spicy tomato, kale and bean soup
Spring vegetable soup
Springtime (green) minestrone with wild garlic & butter beans
Thai-spiced pumpkin and coconut soup
Vegetable ‘Harira’

Main courses
Asian rice pot
Hot and spicy vegetable balti
Piyaz (Turkish white bean and tahini salad)
Pumpkin & spinach coconut curry
Spicy lentil ‘shepherd’s pie’
Sweet and spicy baked beans
Vegan ‘Cornish’ pasties

Side dishes
Crunchy Thai peanut, ginger and lime salad
Herb-roasted vegetables
Piyaz (Turkish white bean and tahini salad)
Sweet and spicy baked beans

Cakes and baking
Autumn apple cake
Banana, walnut, raisin muffins
Carrot, banana & apple muffins
Chocolate banana marble cake
Chocolate, pecan & cardamom cookies
Farmhouse fruitcake
Fruity banana bread
Ginger Fairings
Lemon berry celebration sponge cake
Simple scones
Vegan banana bread with candied walnut topping
Wickedly sticky ginger pumpkin cake

Jams and Preserves
20-minute microwave jam
Blackberry & apple jam
Easy Seville orange marmalade
Fig & plum preserve
Nearly Rose’s lime marmalade
Quince jam