Meet the neighbours

Piggies3.jpgWe’ve recently had a new hospital built at the eastern end of our village, which serves the small towns of Kaş and Kalkan, along with the numerous villages attached to them.

We’ve always had wild boar roaming about after dark – from our high vantage point on the hill above the village, my brother finds it most entertaining  watching people coming back from the bus stop at dusk, little knowing that families of wild boar are hiding behind nearby parked cars, waiting for them to pass. We often hear them snuffling about in the lane next to our pool (luckily we have a high wall) and there is constant evidence of them rootling about anywhere there are Turkey oaks – and that’s pretty much everywhere around here.

The building of the hospital must have disturbed the boar population, and they now all seem to be concentrated in the forest area at our end of the village. Whether their confidence has simply been buoyed up by their sheer numbers is hard to say, but they really have become quite bold – often appearing when it is still broad daylight. Most recently, we have noticed a mother and her three young congregating near to one of the rubbish bins at 5pm prompt, where they seem to know that members of the local animal charity feed the bin cats! It is quite comical to watch the cats looking on with disdain as the piggies pinch their cat biscuits.

Black and white cat looks on from the sidelines…

Robin has just been down to take some rubbish to the bin, so he took his camera with him, on the off-chance he might find mum and piglets having a snack. It was starting to get dark, and he didn’t want to get too close (they can be VERY fierce if provoked), so the photos are slightly blurred from the flash – apparently, Mum spotted him and started to take rather too much of an interest in him, so he scarpered pretty sharpish…

Black and white cat throws caution to the wind and joins in with tea-time…



5 thoughts on “Meet the neighbours

    1. How could you even think of eating those cute little piglets. Seriously, we have tried it and it’s not that good – kind of like rather gamey beef. Think I’ll stick to sneaking it in from Sainsburys…

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      1. I have a friend up in the Yayla who often goes hunting bringing home little piggy’s for his wife to skin and prepare. Personally I would divorce him but still … mmmm bacon


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