I can see our house from here

IMG_0512.JPGWe are still experiencing the most beautiful Spring weather, so we’ve been out and about enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

One of the most stunning views around these parts is looking down towards Kaş from the village of Çukurbaĝ, where we own an old almond farmer’s cottage, which we rent out in the summer. We had a few minor chores to do at the cottage over the weekend, so we decided to combine it with the hour’s walk to the viewpoint, known as the Sleeping Giant, which is an enormous cliff, shaped (oddly enough, bearing in mind the monika) like a giant on his side.

It is years since we last walked to the viewpoint and I had completely forgotten how stunning it is – or how scary the edge is! I am terrified of heights, particularly if there is an edge involved, so taking these shots was a definite white knuckle moment for me.  In the first shot (above) we can see right over to our own village – which is the one on the hillside beyond the marina. The Greek island of Kastellorizo (below) looks a bit like a croissant that has just been plopped into the bay. The Kaş peninsula, which you can see in both shots, is where all the smart villas are located, but we’d really rather be in our somewhat haphazard little village across the lagoon.

Meis from Sleeping Giant.jpg

Today we headed in the opposite direction to another favourite walk, which follows the Roman aqueduct from Kalkan to the ridge above Patara Beach. We saw absolutely loads of tortoises, which are coming out of hibernation with the onset of warm weather. Robin shot these two having a rather frisky time – I thought the look of concentration was rather sweet:


And your last view for today is the one of Patara Beach from the very uncomfortable rock where I always sit to eat my sandwich when we go on this walk. It’s worth the sore bottom for the view, as you can see.

Patara from water house (600 x 450).jpg


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