Beautiful Belle

Belle at patara
An old photo of Belle at Patara

I couldn’t resist sharing these photos with you. I only got around to looking at them last night – they’ve been on the card in the camera for over a week.

Beautiful Belle is a gorgeous, naughty, muddy-puddle-loving, affectionate hound of totally indeterminate breed, who turned up on our doorstep two and a half years ago. My friend Sally and her daughter Tilly were visiting us at the time from the UK, and they fell in love with her. Well, Tilly did anyway, Sally just knew when she was beaten.

IMG_1467 (600 x 450).jpg
Belle at home in the UK last week

Belle now lives with Sally, David and Tilly, after she and I had an adventure on a Thomas Cook flight, then a hideous journey from Gatwick to Bedfordshire during some of the worst floods to hit the UK for many years. In the intervening period, during her rabies vaccination programme, Belle lived with us here in Turkey. Life with Belle was never quiet, never predictable, but pretty much always muddy.

She’s now been in Britain for two years and she must have long forgotten her time here in Turkey, but she certainly hasn’t forgotten us – we went to visit last week and there was much joyful barking and screeching and a great deal of thigh hugging and tail thumping (and that was just us).

IMG_1468 (600 x 450).jpg
Belle taking us for a walk last week
A reminder of her previous life here in Kas




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