Walking the Lycian Way

IMG_0721 (600 x 450).jpgRobin has acquired a Fitbit, so we are rather obsessed with the number of steps we are taking – it’s quite astonishing how they add up (over 20,000 yesterday, since you ask). Our house is on three floors and my reading glasses are never on the same level as me, so I am up and down the staircase countless times in a day. A trip from the kitchen to the bedroom is about 100 steps return, so I think my newly-acquired long-sightedness is accounting for quite a lot of calories burned!

This is fortunate, as the weather is getting hotter at an alarming pace, so this year’s walking days are numbered. This week we’ve been going higher up into the hills, where the temperature is lower and the trees are still in full blossom.

Gokceoren Village (sorry about the suncream on the lens!)

We are on a migratory super-highway, so we are privileged to have all sorts of feathered visitors at this time of year – the storks are one of my favourites. I love the way they build the most unruly nests in chimneys, satellite dishes and even on top of minarets, before perching on top like a rather untidy cherry on a cake.

IMG_0719 (600 x 372).jpg
Grain stores at Bezirgan

Yesterday, we walked on the high plain at Bezirgan, where the village has turned into one big maternity ward – mother goats and sheep patiently munching daisies while their tiny offspring entertained us with their antics. Akdaĝ sits at the end of the valley and we were surprised to see that the snow has already melted from all but the highest peaks – I think we are in for an early summer.

The Lycian Way near Gokceoren
Remains of a Lycian settlement near Gokceoren
Turf roof in Bezirgan
Remains of a rock tomb near Gokceoren
Maternity ward at Bezirgan



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