Just walking the dog

IMG_0789_renamed_5442.jpgYesterday, on what was probably one of the hottest days of the year so far, we joined in with a group of volunteers to take some dogs from our local dogs’ home for a walk to Kyaneai, a Lycian city thought to have been inhabited as far back as 500 BC.

I was rather concerned that some of the humans wouldn’t make it up the very steep one-hour walk to the site, where Lycian tombs and a pre-Roman theatre jostle for space in a fantastically rural setting. Rather comically, one or two of the dogs gave up half way and refused to budge until someone rescued them in a car. Just for the record, the humans all made it with no casualties.

Robin (right of pic) being towed along by his new Alsatian friend

We were greeted at the top with a fantastic barbecue and cold drinks before heading back down for the easy return walk.

Some of the dogs having a rest under the trees

The Kaş dog sanctuary houses around 200 dogs at the moment, and also looks after a further 100 or so who roam loose in the forest around the sanctuary, where the dogs are neutered and vaccinated, as well as being fed daily. Our fantastically tireless vet, Didem, working with her dedicated assistants and a group of volunteers, endeavours to make sure that any sick or injured animals, not just in the sanctuary, but on the streets of Kaş, are treated and cared for. With the help of volunteers, she also travels around the many villages which constitute the Kaş constituency, to continue a very successful neutering programme wich is beginning to keep numbers of feral animals to a manageable level. Please click here if you are interested in the work of the Kas Animal Friends charity.




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