Strange goings on

IMG_1315We’ve been having lots of mini-earthquakes over the last day or so, the most notable of which occurred last night when I was laying the table for dinner. Ridiculously, I felt the need to clutch the back of a dining chair – I am not sure why I thought that might help, but I don’t think logic has any place here. It was only a bang and a quick wobble, and the others have been less than that – just like someone bumping into your chair, but I can’t help feeling unsettled by it.

Today we went on one of our favourite walks and were treated to a really strange occurrence on the way back. We spotted what I now know is a lenticular cloud. Basically, they are stationary lens-shaped clouds, most often spotted over high mountain ranges, which is exactly where we spotted this one – over Akdag, part of the Taurus range. As we drove along – a  journey of around 15 minutes – its cylindrical shape became more and more pronounced. It was easy to see why people often mistake them for UFOs. We took another pic just before we arrived back in Kas – the photo is not great, as we only had the point-and-shoot camera with us, but if you look closely, you can see more ‘lenses’ forming underneath. Rather spooky.


There is a great video of some similar clouds forming over Table Mountain in South Africa on the Accuweather website.

That’s your geography lesson for today!



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