Spring has sprung

Almond at PataraToday was the first really warm day of the year. The cold weather has finally passed and the almonds are in blossom – one of my favourite sights of the year, not least because it means summer is on its way.

We celebrated with a walk from the village of Gelemis, through the forest and on to the dunes behind Patara Beach  – one of Turkey’s most stunning beaches – before heading for our packed lunch in the ruins of the old city. I hoped we might see some hoopoes, one of my favourite birds, but we had to satisfy ourselves with a stray tortoise, who had decided today was the day to come out of hibernation. He was a friendly chap and seemed to be quite happy to be photographed, though he did take umbrage when Izzy-the-sausage-dog gave him a nudge with her nose.

‘Anyone seen any tomatoes around here?’

The almond blossom was in full bloom in the ancient city of Patara, which makes an amazing backdrop, and the fields were carpeted with wild anemones. They seem to literally pop up overnight the minute the weather warms up. Robin took some great snaps:

Almond in front of senate building (2)
Almond tree at the senate building in Patara
Almond at Patara
And another one…
Wild anemones
IMG_0467 (600 x 450)
Pretty faces
Goat and baby2
The new wardens at Patara
The crowds on Patara Beach

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