A REAL view from my kitchen

IMG_0742 (600 x 448).jpgAfter weeks of balmy weather, today is so blustery it feels more like autumn than spring – very clear skies, a howling wind and lots of white horses on the water (white geese to the Turks). I happened to look out of the window a few moments ago at exactly the right time to spy Diagoras, the Rhodes-Kastellorizo ferry, coming in – that’s the island of Kastellorizo that you can see behind the ferry.

As we have just taken down the awning that prevents our terrace (and our cats) getting pummeled by the hailstones that rain down on us every winter, but which also prevents me from taking clear photos, I thought it was time to treat you to a glimpse of the real view from my kitchen.

So here it is. I know everyone doesn’t have a view like this and just when you were starting to like me, you now all hate me, but I too had decades of London brick wall and rooftop views, so I try not to feel overly guilty about it all!

And here is Diagoras, heading back towards Rhodes, half an hour later.

IMG_0743 (600 x 404).jpg

Happy Monday everyone. Don’t work too hard.




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