Beautiful Belle

Belle at patara
An old photo of Belle at Patara

I couldn’t resist sharing these photos with you. I only got around to looking at them last night – they’ve been on the card in the camera for over a week.

Beautiful Belle is a gorgeous, naughty, muddy-puddle-loving, affectionate hound of totally indeterminate breed, who turned up on our doorstep two and a half years ago. My friend Sally and her daughter Tilly were visiting us at the time from the UK, and they fell in love with her. Well, Tilly did anyway, Sally just knew when she was beaten. Continue reading “Beautiful Belle”

Hughie’s flatbreads (with added yeast)

IMG_0687 (600 x 482).jpgWe often have these flatbreads on a diet day, as they don’t tempt us to add butter and they are really delicious when freshly cooked. The leftovers are perfect to use as wraps for walking sandwiches or re-toasted, spread with hummus and sprinkled with toasted seeds or leftover chicken or lamb. They freeze perfectly when cooked, and you can also freeze half of the uncooked dough (knock it back after rising, then wrap tightly in cling film before putting into a freezer bag – this stops the dough from rising too much while it is thawing out). The dough can also be used as a pizza base. Continue reading “Hughie’s flatbreads (with added yeast)”

Broccoli soup (5:2 day recipe)

IMG_0690 (600 x 450)We’re back in Turkey following two weeks in the UK, main-lining pork products, rhubarb crumble and hot cross buns, not to mention quite a lot of Old Speckled Hen in Robin’s case!

Today is rainy, so no walks for us, making it an ideal day for a super-strict 5:2 fast. Because we’ve done so much walking this winter, we’ve found it a struggle at times to stick to our calorie limit on our fasting days, so we’ve resolved to get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks. Very soon, we will be entering the short period of the year where it is too hot to walk anywhere other than high up in the mountains, but the pool is too cold for swimming, so the pounds will soon start to pile on if we don’t keep our wits about us. Continue reading “Broccoli soup (5:2 day recipe)”

One-pan roast dinner for two (or one)


When we were growing up in the 60s and 70s, we always had cold meat and Branston Pickle on a Monday evening, using up the leftovers from the previous day’s Sunday roast. Everyone did – if Britain had a written constitution, this practice would probably be in it. If you’ve got a bit of yesterday’s rare fillet of beef hanging around, just asking to be slapped into a sandwich with some horseradish, that’s one thing, but stringy cold pork or lamb, with their revolting layer of chalky congealed fat, is quite another. Continue reading “One-pan roast dinner for two (or one)”

Fishy business

IMG_0605.jpgThe highlight for us of any trip to Fethiye is a visit to the fishmarket for dinner. The system is excellent – you choose and pay for your fish from any of the fishmongers in the market, tell them how you would like it prepared and ask them to give it to the restaurant you have chosen from the many that surround the fish stalls. The restaurant will cook your fish and provide the meze, salads, breads and wine (or rakı if that’s your thing). Continue reading “Fishy business”

Breakfast of champions

IMG_0585An overnight outing to Fethiye immediately puts us into holiday mood and this week’s trip excelled. We’d been told about a museum in a village just outside Fethiye, which was displaying agricultural and other exhibits used by the Yörük nomads. More importantly, we were told the family served a splendid Turkish breakfast, using only ingredients produced on the surrounding land. Planning a walk in the afternoon, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try it out for brunch. Continue reading “Breakfast of champions”

Quick and easy Irish soda bread

IMG_0642 (600 x 450)We had friends over for breakfast yesterday morning. It was a very rainy day – cats, dogs, and everything hoofing down, so we didn’t feel remotely guilty lighting the fire in the morning. Turkish breakfast encompasses everything from a bit of cheese, honey and bread, to a full-on meze experience. We went for something in between. I made some spinach and cheese börek (pies to you and me) – more on that later – with roasted peppers and tomatoes, village cheese, fried eggs, the usual cucumber and olives, plus plenty of fresh bread and homemade jam and local  honey. Continue reading “Quick and easy Irish soda bread”